Mask Relief Facial

If you're experiencing redness, irritation or acne from wearing a mask at work--also called 'Maskne' or 'Mask Acne'--The Woodhouse Mask Relief Facial is for you.

The combination of sweat, oil, and moisture from breathing under a mask can clog pores and friction in contact with moist skin can cause the skin to break down and cause chafing and pimples around the mouth, cheeks, and jawline. To correct and soothe these issues, the Mask Relief Facial includes:

  • gentle exfoliation
  • decongestion of the skin through extractions
  • deep-cleansing clay mask
  • cleaning and corrective mask application to soothe behind the ears
  • lightweight moisturizer
  • spot treatment for active pimples
  • instructions for post-treatment home care 

Please call our Spa Concierge to schedule your Mask Relief Facial: 832.835.5050. If you work in the service/hospitality industry or are a healthcare worker, let us know and you'll receive 50% off the regular cost of $135!


50% discount applies to the Mask Relief Facial treatment only. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

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